Centre for Human Potential Development



Olivia believed in a world of   coexistence and prosperity without competition! Olivia knew that this is possible through blending herbs with  specific microorganisms.  Olivia's vision for Biosa EM Switzerland was be bring a better quality of life for all: humans, plants & animals. Olivia was commited  to restore the ecological and biological balance in nature and in humans. Olivia produced Vita Biosa / LMO. To learn more about Biosa EM Switzerland please click here.



Foundation for New Dimensional Consciousness

Olivia M. Weber

Beloved Aunt , Soulsister, Spiritual Teacher & Visionary

Departed  3 Sep 2016

Olivia's vision was to create a foundation to help people expand their consciousness on a physical, mental and emotional leve,  to acheive  their full potential and realise their true talents. Olivia's goal was to empower others to live a life of freedom, justice, solidarity and peace. To learn more about Olivia's vision please  click here for Light Dimension.

Olivia successfully manifest her goal in creating a program that has been proven to bring about a shift in her students consciousness. The training system known as Light Walk® Transpersonal Psychology is  a method with a structured curriculum that  allows each individual to develop at their own pace in accordance to aspects of thier personal  life path. To learn more about Olivia's vision  please click here for Light Focus.



Olivia invested so much energy and finance to create a sacred space where her students could go as part of their Light Walk® training. The land was blessed and cleansed by Olivia, Mark (a native Cherokee and friend), and her niece, nephew and first Light Walk group.

Olivia's vision of Light Matrix® Bio Concept International is to assist nature in restoring its balance for the health and wealth of all living forms. Olivia truly believed that we all need live together on this planet. To do this we need to learn to respect and care for each other, animals, plants and mother earth. To learn more about Olivia's vision  please click here for Light Matrix® Camaroon.